GUIDE-3 HDMI 2.1 3×1 Switch


World’s First HDMI 2.1 48Gbps FRL6 3×1 CEC Controlled Switch

  • Video format support: All formats up to 48Gbps FRL6 from any HDMI source (such as 4k120 10/12bit VRR, 8k60..)
  • Audio format support: All formats (such as MAT Atmos, TrueHD, DTS:X IMAX, DTS-MA..)
  • Video encryption support: All levels of any encryption
  • Perfect PassThrough: Video content is never decoded and re-encoded. The bit accuracy is maintained even for the most demanding formats (cable limited)
  • Supports CEC switching and command passthrough using the TV remote and the source remotes (such as ATV remote, Xbox media remote, Roku and others)
  • IR eye for automation control, a manual button for switching, and four DIP switches for local settings
  • Package contents: GUIDE-3 processor, 5V power supply with US or EU plug.
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